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Thursday, 21st May

Hello all!

Phonics: please keep going with your phoneme flashcards and letter names as always if you can.


Today I thought that you could play a target game with your coin words, you may decide to add more words if you are feeling super confident with the ones that you have done so far.  You need to lay your coins out across the floor, or ground outside.  Next you need something to throw.  In school I would use a bean bag as they don’t bounce.  If you have not got one then try a rolled up sock!  You and your partner will need to take it in turns to throw you sock ball and then read the word that it lands on.  You may need a few tries to practice your aim-move the words closer or further away depending on your throwing skills.  If you can, play the game a few times so that you have a chance to read the different words.  Grown ups please read aloud the word that you land on so that your child can read it with you.  Hope you have fun.



Mrs Balmer’s/Miss Hathaway’s group:  Please recap your counting back from any given number/1 less.  Pick up a card within 10 and see if you can count back to 0 from that number.  If you are super at this try a number within 15 (be carful 13 is tricky!), and then try from 20 if you are confident to do this.

You could then try this numbers to 20 ordering game on ‘Maths fun’.  Please click on options and click on ‘1-20’


Mrs Carr’s/Mrs Brennan’s:  Please revise your number bonds to 10-can you remember all of the different number pairs that add up to 10-see how quickly you can write them down.  If you need practice then get ten objects and two tubs.  Put all 10 objects in 1 tub (10+0) and then move one object over 1 at a time to make a new sum-so your next one would be 9+1.

Then you could try this game on ‘Math’s fun’-how quickly can you remember your facts?! Click on ‘what makes 10?’


Enjoy the sunshine and take care, Mrs Balmer