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Thursday, 23rd April

Hi Year 3,

I hope that everybody is keeping safe and you are keeping up that hard work!

Today's tasks are as follows-


Today  I would like you to write a character study.  We had a go at writing these back in January, when you did a character study of Barney and then Stig.  Today, you can choose your own character.  This could be somebody from a book that you have read or could be somebody who is a real person that you know or have read about.  Start off by writing a list of around five adjectives to describe this person and then use these to help you write some more detailed sentences about what this person is like, not forgetting to back this us.  For example, my character can be described as being ????, because in the story they ???


  *   We have now finished off our work on converting between cm and mm.  This was quite challenging at times, so well done.  Today and tomorrow, we are going to work on some mental maths and I would like you to work out the answers in your head.  I have attached some sheets for you.  I would like you to choose just one of these sheets and start from the red section.  They start off really easy, but I would like you to see how far you can get.  Most of you should be able to get to the green section.  How far can you challenge yourself to go?

Don't forget to keep your times tables ticking over and keep up the hard work on reading the time from both a digital and analogue clock.  However, most important, take plenty of breaks, get some exercise and if you are able to, some fresh air in your back garden.

I will see you all soon.  Over and out!

Mr G