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Thursday, 23rd April

Good morning! 🤩

Hope you’re all well and managing to keep yourself busy. The weather is lovely isn’t it and I am enjoying my daily walks – I keep seeing lots of Greenmount children which is also very nice!

Maths: Telling the Time in Minutes

Hopefully you are getting the hang of the different facts and making links between them. Today I have attached a PowerPoint that goes through reading an analogue clock to the minutes. It is best if you view the PowerPoint as a slide show as it takes you through each step and also gives you opportunities to have a go at answering some questions. Following this, there are worksheets to complete. The sheets are graded with star symbols, 1 star being easier, 3 stars being more challenging – pick the one you feel will be best to challenge you, remember your brain won’t learn if it isn’t challenged! 🧠 


English: Writing and Spellings

How did you get on yesterday with starting your recipes? Continue working on this, making sure it’s up to Y4 standard. Checking your spellings, punctuation and making sure you are constructing good, interesting sentences.

Have you all received your Classroom secret Kids Log ins? If so, log in and check out the spelling section. Click Year 4, Spellings and try out Activity 1. It provides you with a selection of the Y3/4 words that we work on in school. If you’d rather be outside, select 10 spellings from the list (back of your spelling book) and pick an activity to do in the garden - chalking, acting, making the words out of grass/stones/twigs. 


Speak to you again tomorrow, 

Miss K  x