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Thursday, 23rd April

Hi Everyone

Besides doing the maths, I hope you all managed to read up to the end of Chapter 7 yesterday because the story links with our work for today. As you read Listen To The Moon please keep in mind that it is a true story.

Here we go with our work for Thursday 23rd April -

Our Writing Morning!!

I would like you to go online and look at the following websites: › tour


I want you to get a feel for what the Lusitania was like in terms of the decks and what the different ‘classes’ were like. (Think about what you read in Chapter 7.) There are other websites that you could GOOGLE for more information. I found quite a good one but there was a rather annoying guy doing the voice over so I dismissed it, but I am sure you will find other sites in addition to the ones I have suggested.

Once you have got a real feel for the ship, I want you to create some vocabulary lists. I want you to think about improving your vocabulary choices, using premiership words. The ship was very special so words such as ‘nice’, ‘good’ etc don’t do it justice.

When you have a lengthy list of vocabulary, I want you to imagine that you are in 1915 and doing a guided tour of the ship. I need you to write a description of the ship looks like. You can write this in the present tense because you are on board the Lusitania doing the guided tour. You are not going to mention anything about the ship sinking, this is purely a description of what you can see, or hear, or feel etc, not the events that happened later.

Please, please, please remember to edit your work thoroughly for spellings and punctuation and make sure that everything makes sense!

(Refer to the ‘tick’ sheet which I included with your writing task on 1st April.)

Happy writing!

See you tomorrow


Mrs K x