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Thursday, 25th June

Good Morning Year 2!

Here are your activities for today … 



Today you're going to thinking about common exception words - words that don't follow normal spelling patterns.  On the sheet attached there are some of the year 2 CEWs that have been scrambled up.  See if you can unscramble them and spell them correctly.


Don't forget to keep your phonics fresh by visiting and playing speed trial for all Phase 5 letters and sounds - remember some of the phonemes can be said two or three ways.



Today you will be gathering ideas in preparation for writing a letter tomorrow. Your letter will be for your next teacher. It will be an opportunity to let them know a little bit about you, what things you like/dislike and to ask them any questions that you may have. Your activity for today is to fill out the attached letter planning sheet.

As this activity probably won’t take you a full hour, we have also attached a reading comprehension to have a go at. Remember to read and understand the text before answering the questions.


Warm-up =  

Daily Ten -

Main Activity

Go to

Click on Summer Term – Week 5 (w/c 18th May) > Lesson 4 – The 5 times-table.

Once you have watched the video, complete the worksheet based on what you have just watched. Then complete the challenge questions.



Can you remember which animal groups we have looked at so far?

We have looked at mammals, reptiles, fish and birds. Can you remember the characteristics of these animals?

Today you will be having a look at amphibians. You need to research what characteristics an animal must have to fall into the amphibian category. Once again it is up to you how you record your findings. You could do a labelled drawing, a poster etc.


Miss C and Mrs P