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Thursday, 25th June

Thursday, Thursday, Thursday!


Morning Y4. How’s your week going? Nearly there! The weather is fabulous again, I hope you’re enjoying it.



We’re moving onto fractions greater than 1 today. Again, we covered this pre-lockdown. Here’s the video link to jog your memory -

watch, listen carefully and soak it all up!



**For those of you who want a bit more of a challenge (or something additional to do), I have attached some problem solving and reasoning questions that link to today’s objective.


English – continue your story

I’ve seen some super stories so far, keep up the great work. Finishing off day today, ready to polish them up tomorrow and get them ready for publishing.

Today’s additional English task is to complete a spelling activity on Classroom secrets. Log in, search Y4 spellings and pick a game to play.


Speak to you tomorrow,


Miss K  X