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Thursday, 26th March

Good Morning Y4!  :) 

It’s Thursday… I'm missing being in school together, but I'm loving all the pics and comments you are sending me. Please keep them coming - they make me smile! 


Today’s activities!

Maths: Efficient subtraction.

Before we start on today’s objective, I am going to give you a number, the number is 9081, I want you to read it, write it, draw it, add 1000 to it, take away 1000 from it, write 6 facts about it! GO!

As I always say to you, there are many different methods to working calculations out. Depending on the calculation, this determines the method you will use. Have a look at today’s calculations and think about what would be the most efficient method to work it out. Complete the sheet. Remember to check the star symbol in the left corner of the strip, E = I’m feeling confident. GD = I’m feeling very confident.

(Answers are provided for adults checking your work, or you could mark your own work, in a different colour of course and if you’ve made any mistakes try to work out where you have gone wrong and learn from the mistakes.) 


English: Writing your draft – Writing to persuade

Using yesterday’s planned paragraphs, today you are going to write your draft. Your writing task is to persuade humans to treat animals with respect. This can be done as a letter, a persuasive poster, or even a persuasive leaflet.
We have done lots of work recently on persuasion. I’ll be very impressed if you use some of those persuasive techniques we have been using in class – no pressure!

Once you have written your draft, what should you do? That’s right! READ IT. Read it out loud, make sure it makes sense and flows properly. 

That’s enough for today.

Tomorrow will be editing and improving!


Chow for now!

Miss K J x