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Thursday, 26th March

As it is usually PE this morning, in addition to Joe wicks, I have attached a version of 'active monopoly'. 


have a game of this with the members of your family who are at home with you. 


Continue with the online numeracy work as you have been this week. 

Extension is pages 2-7.


The literacy work is on pages 29-32 of this week's pack.


I have finally uploaded the answers to this workbook. A bit late I know, sorry!  




I have also uploaded a art/topic project for you to have a go at. 


In history, we have been learning about The Industrial Revolution and the Victorians. 


We were about to learn about the differences between the rich and poor. 


I would like you to do a little research on how the rich lived; in particular their houses and lifestyles. 


Then, please find the document attached for the work/tasks based on William Morris. 


Stay safe, 

Mr Coop.