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Thursday, 26th March

Hi Everyone

Hope you are all well and keeping up with the work set. I hope you found Wednesday’s maths less challenging.


Here’s the work for Thursday 26th March:

1 Complete the Problem Solving and Reasoning pages from Classroom Secrets (3 to 10). Depending upon your confidence level start at either question 1a or 4a and do two complete ‘pages’ for each of the tasks. If you start at 1a you will do all the questions up to, and including, 6b. If you start at 4a you will do up to 9b. Rather than printing the sheets off, write the answers in your blue book. (At the end of each section you will find the answers.)


Just to let you know, some of these are quite tricky. Please don’t be put off. Stay calm, think carefully about the question and apply what you already know about algebra. When you mark your answers write down the correct answer to any that you get wrong and work out why your answer is incorrect and what you should have done. If you really have no idea what to do when starting any of the sections look at the answer for the first question and work out what it is you would have to do to get that answer. Please don’t lose confidence – there’s a pretty good chance other people are finding one or two quite tricky!


2 Ask someone at home to test you on the spellings that you should have had for your test on Thursday.


3 Complete 2013 Reading SAT – one hour. Go online to find the mark scheme in order to mark the test. The 2013 SATs were the old ones that gave you a level rather than a scaled score so if you go online and search for the ‘2013 SATs level thresholds’ you will be able to see what level you would have got for your score.


Keep safe and I will ‘speak’ to you tomorrow.

Mrs K x