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Thursday, 2nd April

Hi Year 3,

I hope that everybody is ok.  By now you should have got into a routine of the type of work which I am setting you, with me trying to give you work which we would normally be doing at school on the same days.  Keep on working hard.  I would also like to wish Jacob a happy birthday for yesterday!

Today's tasks are as follows-


Today  I would like you to write a diary entry, using the picture which I have given you.  Think back to the wonderful diaries that you wrote in January, as these really impressed me.  You should start off by writing a list of four or five feelings which you may have when you see this person.  You can then use these in your diary entry and describe them in more detail, explaining why you felt this way.  Don't forget to add some rhetorical questions and see if you can get in a subordinating conjunction.  You might want to do this on "scrap" paper first and then see if you can "purple pen" it and make it better.


  *   Hopefully you are beginning to get the hang of converting (changing) between cm and mm and how two measures which look different, can actually be the same length.  For example 70mm is the same as 7cm and 95mm is the same as 9cm and 5mm.  Today you are going to do some reasoning work based on this.  Read the statements and questions carefully and explain why you think these are true or false.  I would again start with the first sheet.

Don't forget to keep your times tables ticking over and keep up the hard work on reading the time from both a digital and analogue clock.  However, most important, take plenty of breaks, get some exercise and if you are able to, some fresh air in your back garden.

I will see you all soon.  Over and out!

Mr G