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Thursday, 2nd April

Hello!  👋

Thursday 2nd April. April already! Crazy. I'm a little bit disappointed with myself, I forgot about April fool... Did you play a prank or did anyone April fool you? Mr Coop played a really good one on Y5! 
On another note, thanks for all your baby pics! I have started making the quiz and it should be finished tonight then it can go live tomorrow (Friday) - I will post information about this on Dojo. I wonder who the winner will be?! 
For now...

Today’s set activities:

Maths: To interpret line graphs.

Hope you’re getting the hang of data and how it is presented. Next we will look at a data presented as a line graph. These help to visualise data changes over time. I tried to find a video that explains this but had difficulty doing so, I did find this one… excuse the accent!!

Learn more about our K-2nd grade science curriculum at Graphing and data collection are important parts of scientific process. Science4Us teaches the basics in this Line Graph Lesson for early elementary. Try some of our demos at Watch more videos from our YouTube channel ...


The worksheets provide you with some line graphs. Can you see how they show data over time and how this is different to how data is presented as a bar chart?
Have a go at reading the line graphs and interpreting the data by answering the questions.


English: Grammar - Synonyms for said

How did writing dialogue between the two shoe makers go? Did you make sure that you used inverted commas correctly?  How many times did you use said? Hmm? You know what’s coming next… SAID IS BORING! zzzZZZZ! Take a look at the worksheet and get rid of ‘said’! Then, go back to the dialogue you have written yesterday and improve it by using alternative words for said –use the said gravestone to help you.

One more day of home learning then it’s the Easter holidays!! Seems pretty weird considering we’ve not been in school for two weeks already but you can have a rest from home learning! :)


‘See’ you tomorrow year 4,


Miss K  x