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Thursday, 2nd April

I hope you did a good job with your newspaper reports yesterday.

Here we go with the work for Thursday 2nd April


1 We usually have our ‘big’ times table test on a Thursday. I have found a ‘speed’ test online: › speed-test

If you click on ‘All tables’ then ‘Start’ it gives you 65 times table questions. When you have completed all 65 you get a score and how long it took you to do it. Do the test a couple of times to try to beat your time. I am not convinced it’s as quick as ‘Two Taps Kenyon’ though!


2 Complete one ‘page’ of the Problem Solving and Reasoning pages from Classroom Secrets - Steps 5, 6 and 7. Depending upon your confidence level start at either question 1a, 4a or 7a - making sure that you challenge yourself! (When you have done one page from each step you should have done 18 questions in total.) Rather than printing the sheets off, write the answers in your blue book. At the end of each section you will find the answers so that your work can be marked.

3 Your next task is to complete a comprehension exercise (and some grammar work) based on a particular favourite of mine – chocolate! (It is nearly Easter!) I know you have already done some work with Mrs Greenhalgh on the process involved in making chocolate so you will already have some background knowledge when doing this work. (The answers to all of the sections are at the end.) Enjoy – and maybe reward yourself with some chocolate when you have finished, as long as you have done a good job with it!!


‘See’ you tomorrow.

Mrs K x