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Thursday, 2nd July

Thursday fun.

How is your week going? Have you had time to look at the Sports Day tasks? There's plenty to be practising ready for Monday! 



Ready for today’s learning activities? Here goes…


A slight twist of on yesterday’s learning today. Calculating quantities.  Again, it’s all about using your knowledge of times tables and corresponding division facts (that’s why I always nag you to learn your times tables – they really do help!!).

Here’s the video link follow if you need a recap or to further your understanding.


Fancy a challenge? Have a go at the fraction one I have attached!


Time to talk like an expert! Follow today’s task to show off your alien knowledge! Just like you made up alien words, you can make up some facts. Then, it’s time to create your own alien. I want to see it labelled with your awesome adjective work from yesterday. Can't wait to see them! 



Thursday fun


We're going to start our 'Friday fun' today. It's a chance to say a big 'Thank you' to everyone. You may have seen that Sunday 5th July is the 72nd birthday of the NHS and to celebrate there will be a national one off clap at 5pm. 

A coalition that includes the BBC, NHS, ITV, The Jo Cox Foundation, Scouts and The National Lottery, amongst others, is inviting us all to join together to say a big thank you to EVERYONE who is helping us through these difficult times. 


Get involved by spending some time over today and tomorrow, making posters, decorating t-shirts, windows and houses to share what is happening. 


On the evening of July 4th, put a light in a window to remember those we have lost. National landmarks will also be lit up as part of a collective memorial. 


On 5th July at 5pm, be ready for a national one-off clap to thank everyone. Thank each other - friends, family and neighbours - for looking out for us, helping the vulnerable or simply doing the right thing and staying home. 


Click on the link here: to download some superb colouring sheets and look further at the information. 



Happy learning! 


Miss K  x