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Thursday, 2nd July

Morning Reception, it looks like the rain is here to stay this week but at least it is not cold.  Did you manage to draw your own sea creature or minibeast?

Reading: Please go through your reading packs, don’t forget to keep going over your old sets if you can.

Phonic recap:  Please go through your phoneme flashcards, you could play ‘Grab a Giggling Phoneme’ on Phonics Play.   

Spelling:  Please keep practising your spellings.


Mrs Balmer’s/Miss Hathaway’s:  Today I thought that we could start learning about adjacent consonants that appear at the end of words (end blends), these can be tricky when spelling words as they are harder to hear.

Please read ‘Moon Camping’ decodable comic to practise reading words with end blends:


I have attached sheet containing words with different end blends st/nt/ ft/lt/pt/xt that you can have a go at reading and then draw a picture to match.  Can you draw your own sound buttons under the words?


Mrs Carr’s/Mrs Brennan’s group:  Today I thought that we could look at some alternative spellings for the long sound ‘oo’-‘ue’ and ‘o’, sometimes they make more of a ‘you’ sound than an ‘oo’ sound in words.  Using the sheet attached, please read and write the oo’ words under the correct ‘oo’ spelling.  Then draw a picture to match each of them.  Can you think of or find any more in a story book?



Mrs Balmer’s/Miss Hathaway’s: 

Please pick one of the daily starters for your group from previous days to work on first.

How did you get on with your subtraction yesterday?  I would like you to have more practical experience of this today-children often forget to jump off the first number, or mis count their jumps.    I have repeated the instructions for you today:

You need two pots of numbers-one pot with the numbers 11-20 and one pot with the numbers 0-10.  You will need to make a take-away sign and an equals sign.  Take a number from the big pot and put this in front of your take away sign and then take a number from the little pot and put it after the take-away sign and then put your equals sign down to make your subtraction sentence.

Work out your calculations by making your object jump back on the number line.  So for example, if your calculation is 10-4 you need to put your object on number 10 and then make it jump backwards 4 times-the first time you jump make sure you jump off the number-no jumping on the spot!  If you do it correctly you should land on number 6. 


Mrs Carr’s/Mrs Brennan’s group:

Please pick one of the daily starters for your group from previous days to work on first.  If you feel confident jumping back on a number line then do the following activity, if you feel that you need another day’s practise then please complete the activity above.  I have attached a take-away sheet for you to work through but instead of counting back in your head, I would like you to take away by jumping back on the number line as we did yesterday, and is detailed above.  You could either get a small object to jump along the number line or you could draw your jumps with a pencil.

As always, missing you all lots, have fun with your learning, Mrs Balmer