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Thursday, 30th April

Good Morning Year 1,

Here are your activities for today …


Complete ‘phonics flashcards speed trial’ and ‘tricky word trucks’ on the Phonics Play website.

Your phoneme to focus on today is igh. Practice writing igh. Can you think of any words that contain igh?  Here is a video to introduce the phoneme:

Practice reading and writing the following words that contain the igh phoneme: night, sight, light, bright, flight. We have attached some flashcards containing igh words for you to practice reading. Now can you think of a sentence that contains at least 2 of these igh words?  



This week you have looked at 2 sentence types, commands and questions. We are already very good at statements which are the 3rd sentence type. Today your activity is to look at the pictures in the provided worksheet and write 2 statements, 2 commands and 2 questions about each picture. Remember to punctuate them correctly.



Warm up – 

Count in 2s, 5s and 10s.

Main Activity –

Today you have a challenge activity where you can apply your knowledge of missing number sums. If you feel it would be beneficial to continue practicing missing number sums in the same format as yesterday, please feel free to do so. We will be moving on to a different topic tomorrow so use today to ensure you have a good understanding of this concept.

Science –

Hope the minibeast hunt went well last week. This week your focus will be on habitats. We would like you to think of a habitat, describe it, what animals might live there and why is it a good place for them to live. We would like you to do 1 microhabitat and 1 habitat (research the difference between these 2 types of habitat first). Please see attached worksheet.


Miss C, Mrs P and Mrs C.