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Thursday, 30th April

Good Morning Year 2,

Here are your activities for today …


Log on to Classroom Secrets Kids > Year 2 > Spelling > Year 2 Spelling Game 2.

Today you will be adding -ed to verbs that end in a y.

If a verb ends with a consonant followed by a y, you need to change the y to an i and add -ed.

e.g. hurry > hurried

If a verb ends with a vowel followed by a y, you don’t need to change anything just add -ed.

e.g. stay > stayed

Please see the attached sheet and practice adding -ed to the verbs.


Please read through the story ‘The Zoo Vet’. Then complete the attached worksheet and see if you can include some speech marks in this activity. 


Warm up – 

Time tables space race worksheet (10 times tables) – See if you can beat your previous time!

Main Activity –

Today you have 2 challenge activities where you can apply your knowledge of missing number sums. You can either do both worksheets or just 1 of them. If you feel it would be beneficial to continue practicing missing number sums in the same format as yesterday, please feel free to do so. We will be moving on to a different topic tomorrow so use today to ensure you have a good understanding of this concept.

Science –

Hope the minibeast hunt went well last week. This week your focus will be on habitats. We would like you to think of a habitat, describe it, what animals might live there and why is it a good place for them to live. We would like you to do 1 microhabitat and 1 habitat (research the difference between these 2 types of habitat first). Please see attached worksheet.


Miss C and Mrs P.