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Thursday, 30th April

Morning 👋 

What’s happened to the weather? Boo! On the other hand, great weather mind maps I’m seeing from many of you and those multiplication pyramids seemed to get lots of you thinking. 

Let’s keep going…


Maths: Quick Questions (Revision)

Five more ‘quick’ questions that recap different topics we have already covered in class. You should be able to complete these independently and some may be completed using your mental strategies. Upload your answers if you like and again I will post them on Dojo at midday. Don’t forget you don’t have to print them, you could use the ‘text’ option on dojo instead of the ‘photograph’ option and upload answers for the quick questions that way.  

More problem solving today – I’ve attached another TYM page. You are to use your number skills to ‘find the number’. The top of the sheet (as always) provides you with an example. If you are unsure, start on Section A and once you have got the hang of it, you can then challenge yourself by moving onto the next section. Like yesterday, I will share the answers on Dojo during the day.

Note:  the word ‘consecutive’ means numbers that follow each other in order.


English: Designing and Writing (over Thursday and Friday)

Hopefully you worked out what each weather instrument measures. Using this knowledge, I would like you to pick one of the activities from the ‘weather craft’ sheet. Over the next couple of days, follow these steps…

1.      Pick one of the 5 ideas

2.      Design it, draw a diagram, label it, make a list of equipment that you’ll need

3.      If you have the materials – make it

4.      Write instructions to help someone else make it


Let’s see what you can come up with!


Speak to you tomorrow,


Miss K xx