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Thursday, 30th April

Good morning Year 6

I hope you didn’t find yesterday’s maths work too difficult and you coped okay with the tasks I set.

Today, is …

Our Writing Morning!!

Here goes for Thursday 30th April:

Yesterday, I asked you to choose a name from the passenger and crew list for the Lusitania. Today, you are going to imagine you are that person and you are going to write a letter home.

You might have chosen to be part of the crew so you would possibly be writing a letter to your mother or father, wife, brother or sister or friend telling them about your job on the Lusitania. You might mention some of the passengers you have seen or heard about from other members of the crew.

If you have chosen someone who was a passenger, you will need to think of a reason for why you are on board the Lusitania. You might be an American businessman (very few women would be in business at this time) travelling to Liverpool to do some work/have meetings. Or you could be a British businessman who is returning home having done some business in America. If you are not a businessman, you might be travelling on your own or with family because you have been to America on a trip and returning home, or you are an American on your travels. Your letter home might be to a husband or wife, other family member or friend telling them about your experiences on the ship, who you have met.

When you write this letter it will be an informal letter because it is a letter to someone you know really well so it will be in a chatty style but remember the year is 1915 and some of the words that you might use now when you are ‘speaking’ would not have been used over a hundred years ago. Remember also, you cannot refer to the sinking of the Lusitania. You are writing this letter a few days into your voyage and you do not know that the ship will be torpedoed, although you might refer to the war and the warnings that were given about travelling at that time.

When I have done this writing piece before some children have made use of other names from the list to talk about them in their letters. One girl a few years ago imagined she was travelling with her daughter, having chosen a family from the list, and referred to a friendship that her daughter had made with another child whose name was on the list. Use your imagination to make links between names etc.

Remember to edit, edit, edit …

(Refer to the ‘tick’ sheet which I included with your writing task on 1st April.)


Have a super day producing super writing.

Take care

Mrs K x