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Thursday, 30th April

Good morning Reception.  The rain may be here but with the rain we get more rainbows!

Normally at this time of year we are learning our Mayday songs and getting ready for the Maypole Festival.  In the 20+ years that I have taught at Greenmount, and even before, the festival has been a much loved celebration of Spring, where the children danced around a Maypole and sang exciting songs.  We also liked to make flower headbands using a strip of card to fit around the head like a hat which we stuck tissue paper on for the brightly coloured flowers.  I thought that it would be a nice activity for you to make a flower headdress for either yourself or a member of your family or even your favourite teddy.  Don’t worry if you haven’t got any tissue paper, you could draw flowers or use brightly coloured wrappers or paper.  Have fun wearing your hat on May 1st and looking out for the sun and rainbows.  As this might take you some time our other sessions will be shorter today.

Phonics:  let’s start with a quick phoneme recap-using any of the activities we have discussed so far and then a reading word recap.

Next log into New Phonics Play: password march 20/username: home

You can play the sentence substitution game-you can do as many of these as you wish it’s up to you.

Mrs Balmer’s/Miss Hathaways:  Choose phase 2 or 3

Mrs Carr’s/Mrs Brennan’s: choose phase 3 or 4



Mrs Balmer’s/Miss Hathaway’s: 

Addition by counting on using pictures:  Today I thought that we would have a little more practise at adding by counting on and I have attached a sheet for you to do or you can play the counting on game from last week if you would rather have a bit more practise at this.


Mrs Carr’s/Mrs Brennan's:  Watch the video (s3) on the school website for subtraction by counting back, click on Learning on the toolbar and then Maths and then choose subtraction.

You are going to make some take away calculations using a similar game to one you played last week.  You need your two sock or tubs with numbers within 10 in one box and numbers 11-20 in the other box, a hand written take away sign and a handwritten = sign.  Pick out a big number from the big number box first and then pick out a number from your small number box and then place them out to make a subtraction calculation e.g. 11-9= and then use your counting back skills to try to work it out.  You will need to put the big number in your head and the small number on your fingers to do this.

Have lots of fun and enjoy wearing your hat! Mrs Balmer