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Thursday, 4th June

Good morning, 
We are moving on today away from decimals. 
Until the end of the week, your focus will be on properties of 3-d shapes. 
This isn't something we have covered yet in year 5. 
Can you remember the difference between, faces, edges and vertices?
Go through the learning reminders. To identify shapes and place them into categories you may need to revise a little bit of language such as prism and parallel. 
All the resources and sheets are contained in the file uploaded. 
I thought we would continue with inference work today. It's such an important area of comprehension and the understanding a text. 
I have provided another online quiz: and then an extension sheet which has been uploaded. 


Please take your time with your answers. Make sure you are providing evidence from the text and then try and explain your answer (how you know). 
Mr Coop.