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Thursday, 4th June

Good Morning Year 2!

Here are your activities for today …



As ever, keep having a go at Speed Trial and Tricky word trucks - keeps your phonics fresh!


This week our focus will be prefixes - can you remember where these go?


Check out Magical Matching


There is also a work sheet for you to do concentrating on the prefix 'dis'.



Today you are writing the third part of your letter of what you got up to in the rainforest, desert or Poles.  Remember to read and check your sentences and get some really great adjectives in there to describe what you saw, heard, smelt and felt.


I have written the third and final part of my letter from London to give you a few ideas and guidance.  Have a go at reading it with your grown up to help you.  There are some tricky words in there - I had to check my spellings in the dictionary!


Don't forget we would love to see your letters and you could post them to school.



Warm-up =

Today I would like you to start off by completing the ‘problem of the day’ activity. These are worded maths problems that require you to use some of the maths skills that you have learnt. You might need an adult to help you read the problems but then you should try to figure out what method to use independently. Remember, it doesn’t matter if we make a mistake because that is how we learn. I have also attached the answers so that you can check your work afterwards.

Main Activity =

I hope you got on well with the symmetry activity yesterday! Can you remember what it means for something to be symmetrical?

Today you have got a symmetrical patterns worksheet and a 2D symmetrical shape drawing worksheet to practice your symmetry skills. You can either complete them both or just the one that you prefer. If you want to be a little more creative you could make symmetrical patterns using objects from around your house.

Then, you have got some questions about lines of symmetry to complete. The answers are attached so that you can check your work.


Last week you looked at what characteristics an animal must have to be classified as a mammal and which animals are mammals. Can you remember the characteristics? Can you name 5 animals that are mammals and explain how you know that they fall into that category?

This week I would like you to have a look at reptiles. You need to research what characteristics an animal must have to fall into the reptile category and research specific animals that are reptiles. Similar to last week it is up to you how you record your findings and information. You might want to make a poster, a booklet or something on the computer. Here are some links to start you off with your research:

You have lots of work to be getting on with today – Enjoy!

Miss C and Mrs P.