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Thursday, 7th May

Well this is the last school day for this week as you have a day off tomorrow for V.E. day.  I hope that you enjoy a lovely long weekend.


Phonics-go over all of your phonemes learnt so far and letter names and then revise your reading words.


Part of the early year’s curriculum is to show awareness and kindness to living things and to look at similarities and differences.  You explored plants last week so this week I thought  that we could look at minibeasts by doing a minibeast hunt. 

I have attached a minibeast hunt tick off sheet with pictures and words to help you-how many of each can you find?  You could do more than one tick for each creature-which is the most common in your garden?  How many legs do they have?  Do they have any antennas? 

You could draw your favourite minibeast and try to find out more about it.  You could write a little fact sheet about it if you wish.  I have attached a sheet should you need one.


Mrs Balmer’s/Miss Hathaway’s:  You could have a go using sentences starting with: ‘It has got…’

Mrs Carr’s/Mrs Brennan’s:  You could start the sentences with the minibeast name ‘A ladybird has got…’  You can use the minibeast hunt as a word mat or use your phonics to have a go at the names yourself.



Some of you have learnt the days of the week in order but I know that a lot of you need to learn these also to think of the language of yesterday, tomorrow, today and the weekend.  I have  attached a days of the week activity for you where you can have a little fun designing a new menu for the Hungry caterpillar for each day of the week.  What do you think he should have had on Monday?  You can either use pictures from magazines to cut out and stick or draw your own foods, like a chicken dinner!  If you think you know the days really week really well you could start to learn how to spell them-don’t forget to use a capital letter to start each one.


Have lots of fun, remember we are learning to be kind to living things so please do not pick the minibeasts up with your fingers as you may squash them and if you collect them on a piece of paper to have a closer look please remember to put them back where you found them.


Have a lovely weekend, Mrs Balmer😀