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Thursday, 9th July

Good Morning Year 1!

Here are your activities for today …


Daily recap of ‘phonics flashcards speed trial’ and ‘tricky word trucks’ on the Phonics Play website.

Can you remember what a prefix is? Which prefix did you begin looking at yesterday?  

You will continue learning about the un- prefix today. Please go through the attached PowerPoint and complete the activities on the slides.


I hope you enjoyed the ‘Bubbles’ video clip yesterday. Watch the video again thinking carefully about what happens.

At the end of the video a girl comes along, blows the bubbles and gets the opportunity to go on her own adventure. Where do you think she will go? What will she see and do there?

Today I want you to imagine that you get the opportunity to float off on a bubble and go on an adventure. You need to think about where you would go, why you would go there and what you would see/do.

On the attached sheet you need to draw a picture of where you would go in the bubble. Then draw arrows coming from your picture with notes about why you would go there and what you would see/do.

This is preparation for your writing activity tomorrow where you will be writing a short story about your bubble adventure.  

Here is the link to the video:


Warm-up =

Problem of the Day.

Main Activity

Today you are going to be thinking about measuring length. You will start off by measuring length using objects e.g. how many cubes long.

Please go to . Summer term – Week 5 (w/c 18th May) > Lesson 2 – Measure length (1).

This video is a nice introduction to measuring length using objects. Remember to pause the video at different points to complete the given activities.

Today you will be estimating and measuring different objects around you. You will be using cubes and paper clips to measure the different objects that you choose to measure. If you don’t have cubes/paper clips please find an alternative small object. Complete the attached sheet.


As we are now very close to the summer holiday and have now finished learning everything that we need to learn for science this year I am going to set you an investigation task. I know how much you all enjoy these activities. Remember to think carefully about predictions and conclusions.

For this investigation you are going to need 4 ice cubes (you are welcome to use more if you want to). You are going to be finding out where the ice melts fastest and thinking about why that is. Go through the PowerPoint which explains each step of the investigation. Remember to post your findings on your Dojo portfolio.


Miss C, Mrs P and Mrs C.