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Thursday, 9th July


Hope you’re all good and your week is going well. Thank you for sharing your work on Class Dojo – we’ve been looking at these in school and seeing what you’re all up to at home.


Another ‘mini maths’ to warm your brain up! These questions will help keep different maths skills ticking over.

Understand hundredths as decimals? Time to divide by 100.
Today’s video link…

One more day of decimals to go whilst being in Y4!



WOW! Some amazing trips to Zargon 10. I’d definitely love to visit, but would everyone else? Time to do some persuasion today! We completed lots of work in school and at the start of lockdown on persuasive adverts – I wonder who can remember some of the features?! Take a look at today’s learning task to help you advertise your Zargon 10. Don’t forget, adverts can be done in lots of different ways – it doesn’t just have to be written!

Have a good day.



Miss K xx