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Thursday, 9th July

Good morning, 
Please continue with the numeracy on MyMaths. 
I have also uploaded another 2 reasoning tasks. I thinks Wednesday's were tricky. Did you get them all right?
They really required a bit of thinking to get them correct especially the ones with more than 1 step/calculation in the problem. 
I realised  I hadn't set any topic for a while so today's literacy/topic tasks is focusing on the Ancient Greeks and the Olympic Games. 

Although much of the evidence at Olympia was destroyed, it is possible to piece together what happened at the Ancient Olympics using contemporary pottery (Greeks decorated many of their vessels with aspects of daily life), coinage, statues and literary sources. 


Read through the ppt and read the notes which have been made under the slides. It is brief but can be a starting point for any further research you want to do. 


Then, i would like you to complete the questions using the evidence.  
What can we infer from the evidence about Greek society?  I have prompted you with a few questions however there is much more to discuss and infer from the evidence provided.
Discuss the similarities and differences between the Ancient and Modern Olympics.  Model use of Venn Diagram.  Can you think of as many similarities and differences as possible. 
I have attached some guidance on this lesson: notes on Ancient Olympics and similarities and differences guidance. 
All the best, 
Mr Coop.