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Thursday, 9th July

Good morning Reception, happy Thursday.  I hope that you have had a good week so far and that you are enjoying your learning. 

Reading: Please take some time to go through your reading packs and as always, at this point in the week, try to check back on some old sets and see if you are remembering them.

Phonic recap:  Phoneme flashcards. If you did not have time yesterday you could play Make a match Phase 4 on Phonics Play, or have another go if you enjoyed it.

Spelling:  Please continue to learn your chosen 5 spellings.


I would like you to spend some time on your handwriting today.  Choose one item from the list below that you think would be best for you to do, you do not have to do everything:

  • Handwriting your first name using lead ins and flicks out.  Are you using a tall capital letter to start?  Are your tall letters tall and your short letters short?  Are all of your tall letters the same size?  Are all of your tall letters the same size?  Are you sitting all of your letters on the line?
  • Can you form all of the letters of the alphabet ( lowercase) using your lead ins and flicks out?

I like to work on letter families:

a, c, d, g, o, q, s

e, f, j

r, n, m, h, b, p, k,

v, w, x

i, l, t, u, y



  • Handwriting your second name, thinking about all of the points mentioned above.  You may not remember how to spell your second name yet, so it is perfectly fine to write over it or to copy it.
  • Can you form your capital letters?  Remember you do not need any lead ins and flicks out for these.

You could use your letter mats that I have sent before, Letter-join, chalk, paint, crayons, felts, shaving foam… it’s up to you, whatever makes you happy to write.


Mrs Balmer’s/Miss Hathaway’s: Please keep revising your key skill-choose one for each day this week that you feel that you need to work on:

  • number bonds to 10
  • Recognition of the numbers 0 to 20
  • Ordering the numbers to 20
  • counting to and back from 20
  • saying 1 more and 1 less than a number within 20
  • recalling your doubles within 12

Mrs Carr’s/Mrs Brennan’s: Please keep revising your key skill-choose one for each day this week that you feel that you need to work on:

  • recalling the number bonds for numbers 2-10
  • Counting to and back from 100
  • counting in 2’s to 100
  • counting to and back from 100 in 5’s
  • counting to and back from 100 in 10’s
  • recalling your doubles and halves within 12


Shape Space and Measure

Today I thought that we could revisit 3D shape, by way of craft.  I would like you to look at what junk boxes you have-do you have any that are a cube shape, a cuboid shape, cylinder shape?  I would like you to explore the language of 3D shape:

Edge, face, vertices/corners, point.  Can you identify these on your shape? Can you count how many there are? What are the similarities/differences between them?

You might be able to also find a sphere, pyramid and a cone.

Spend some time exploring these shapes and talking about the language.  Then see what you can make with your boxes.  By doing this you can explore their properties-e.g. which ones have flat faces and can be stacked?

You could make a lighthouse with a cube base and a cylinder for the tower.  You could paint the red and white stripes on.  What could you use for the top part?  Or you could make a castle with cones and cylinders for the turrets­čĆ░.


Take care and have fun, Mrs Balmer