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Tuesday, 12th May

Hi Everybody!



Complete ‘phonics flashcards speed trial’ and ‘tricky word trucks’ on the Phonics Play website. Play ‘Acorn Adventures’ under the Phase 5 section.

Your phoneme to focus on today is ew. Practice writing ew. Can you think of any words that contain ew?

Practice reading and writing the following words that contain ew: drew, stew, chew, screw, jewel, nephew. Now can you think of a sentence that contains at least 2 of these ew words? Please read through the attached flashcards with words containing ew.



Over the next few weeks we will be using our topic theme for our English work.

This week your focus will be researching and finding out about your area of the world that your class is studying -

Mrs Carr’s Class – Tropical Rainforest

Miss Crossley’s Class – Deserts

Mrs Parkinson’s Class – The North and South Pole


You will need to find out about certain things and there is a sheet that you can fill in with the information you find – it doesn’t need to be sentences just notes.

Use the internet, non-fiction books and your grown-ups knowledge!


This work is for the next 3 days (Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday).



Warm-up =

Count in 2s,5s,10s.

Log in to Classroom Secrets Kids. Year 1 > Maths > Maths Games > Year 1 Addition and Subtraction Word Problems Game.

Main Activity =

Hope you got on ok with the balancing addition sums activity yesterday. Please see the attached worksheet to be completed today. You must arrange the 4 numbers correctly to ensure each side is equal. The questions get harder the further through the activity you go and answers are provided.


Miss C, Mrs P and Mrs C.