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Tuesday, 12th May

Hi Everybody!



Throughout the week, if you can, go onto Phonics Play and access the Speed Trial game for phonemes, digraphs and trigraphs up to Phase 5 - remember the alternative sounds if they have them.
For example - th can make the sound th for thick, th for the.  Also play the Tricky Word Truck game to help you with reading and spelling all words upto Phase 5.  Challenge yourself to beat your time each day.
Make a list of verbs and use the spelling rules for adding the suffix 'ed'.  Use a dictionary or a device to check you have got it correct.



Over the next few weeks we will be using our topic theme for our English work.

This week your focus will be researching and finding out about your area of the world that your class is studying -

Miss Crossley’s Class – Deserts

Mrs Parkinson’s Class – The North and South Pole

You will need to find out about certain things and there is a sheet that you can fill in with the information you find – it doesn’t need to be sentences just notes.

Use the internet, non-fiction books and your grown-ups knowledge!

This work is for the next 3 days (Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday).



Warm-up =

Click on the following link – work through the 5 times tables activities.


Main Activity =

Hope you got on ok with yesterday’s activity on giving change. You have got 2 activities for today. First, complete the ‘check the change’ worksheet. In each question, the item has been paid for with £1 and you must workout if the amount of change they have received is correct. Remember to use your number line subtraction skills to help you through this activity. Then, if you feel like you have grasped calculating change try the challenge questions. If you feel you need more practice, play shops with someone in your house. 


Miss C and Mrs P.