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Tuesday, 12th May

Good morning!


How did you get on yesterday? Hope it wasn’t too difficult getting back into work after your long weekend! I’m in school this week so I may be a little quieter on ClassDojo, but I’ll still being checking out what you send me when I get chance. 😊


Maths – WALT describe position

As I said, our maths topic is ‘Position and Direction.’ We very briefly touched on this last week as this including describe position using coordinates.

Hopefully, the PPT was useful yesterday and helped you to remember how to read and plot coordinates. I think it’s a fairly easy topic to do as long as you remember to’ GO ALONG THE CORRIDOR AND UP THE STAIRS!’

Today, you will use your skills to complete coordinates that have already been plotted on a grid and plot any missing points.

Now, read slowly...  I have attached three different types of worksheets... I'd normally ask you to answer some VF questions and when happy that you understand, some R/PS, but I'm not there to gauge your understanding so you'll need to. 

VF – this gives you the opportunity to practise the skill you are learning

R/PS – is the next step, where you are using your skills to problem solve or reason.

EXT – this is an extension to the work and presents you with questions that need more discussion and thinking. This is good if you want to challenge yourself!

Each document has three differentiated worksheets (labelled in coloured stars in the left hand corner) D = easiest E=Y4 expected GD=next step. Choose which one you feel more comfortable with but remember your brain needs challenging to learn new skills! If it’s too easy, you should try progressing – the worst that can happen is… you get it wrong and learn why!


English- Vocabulary

Yesterday, you started to look at The Water Cycle by reading a non-chron report. What did you think? There were lots of scientific terms and it’s important we understand what they mean.

Let’s focus on the words - Evaporation, condensation, precipitation and accumulation. The vocabulary linked to the water cycle is important as you need to understand them to understand the whole concept.

For each word, I would like you to create something like I have (see PDF)… explore the word, define it, draw it, change it, do lots with it! You may need to use a dictionary/thesaurus or the internet to help you. The comprehension from the previous lesson will also help you as this explains each stage of the water cycle.

You could even make some actions to help you remember the meanings of the words.

Keep working hard! :)
Miss K x