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Tuesday, 12th May

Good morning all, 
Another day, another set of home learning instructions. I know it is hard keeping up that enthusiasm but I can see from some of the pictures being sent in that you're working hard so keep it up. 
Your main task today is from Target your Maths (the book we sometimes use at school). 
Complete both section B and C. I think they are really good questions actually. Read the question carefully before you start. I know it's from a text book but if you don't read carefully, on section c especially,  you may trip up. 
I have also attached a mastery ppt  for you to have a work though. I will set the worksheet tomorrow. 
Today's work is so exciting and glamorous: It's a set of gramma test style questions. 
I have looked through the questions and we have covered pretty much everything. The questions on colons and semi-colons are the only thing we haven't really covered yet. 
Parents don't worry! I have attached the answers for you. 
I have uploaded this week's topic lesson. 
Complete this when you can, it does not need to be done today. 
This week, you are going to look a little bit deeper at the city states, two in particular. 
Please find all the instructions attached. 
Keep doing your best, 
Mr Coop.