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Tuesday, 12th May

Good morning Year 6

I assume you all did a good job with your letter from Merry yesterday.


We are going to have another morning focused on literacy so here’s your work for Tuesday 12th May:


1 Today would have been the Reading Comprehension SAT so I would still like you to do a reading SAT. I am not doing this to you to be mean. Reading with understanding is crucial in life and you will need to be able to do this when you move on to secondary school. You also need to be able to do it within set time frames. I would therefore like you to complete the 2014 Reading SAT – one hour. Go online to find the mark scheme in order to mark the test. The 2014 SATs were the old ones that gave you a level rather than a scaled score so if you go online and search for the ‘2014 SATs level thresholds’ you will be able to see what level you would have got for your score.


2 Ask someone at home to test you on the spellings that you should have been tested on last week. (Once again, think about whether you would play your joker!)


3 Now I want you to write down your next two sets of spellings. Identify any spelling patterns. Find out the definition of any unknown words. Take each word in turn and write a sentence containing that word.


Stay safe and I will ‘see’ you tomorrow.

Mrs K x