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Tuesday, 14th July

Happy Tuesday!

Keep up the super effort for your final week as a Y4! 14 weeks of learning at home… you’ve been amazing. Have a go at the A-Z of things you have learnt this year.

I am really looking forward to seeing many of you on Thursday!

Here are today’s activities…


Over the next couple of days, I would like you to learn about symmetry. Symmetry is when one side of a shape is a mirror image of the other side. Follow the lesson on Bitesize,





1)       Watch the video and READ the ‘learn’ section which gives examples of lines of symmetry in shapes.

2)       Watch the second clip which demonstrates more symmetry in shapes.

3)       Complete Activity 1 – ‘Symmetrical letters’



I’d like you to continue to be reflective. Spend the next couple of days working on one of the ideas below, pick one and make it your own.

  • Make a timeline of the events / activities that have taken place over the course of the academic year.
  • If you have digital photos that have been taken throughout the year, make your own slideshow of the year you’ve had.
  • Make your own comic strip – summarising key events this year.
  • Write or video yourself reviewing what you have done well this year and what you would like to achieve next year.
  • Write a letter to yourself in a year's time, telling yourself about the exciting things that they have done this year and what you hope to do in the coming year.


Have a good day, speak to you tomorrow!


Miss K x