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Tuesday, 14th July

Good morning, 


I have uploaded another set of test style questions.  Like yesterday, there is a arithmetic set and a reasoning and problem solving set.  You can have a go at one today and leave the other until tomorrow or you can have a go at both. If you only do one today, you can still have a go at some of the challenges and tasks i uploaded yesterday. 



Topic task


I have uploaded a QR code topic challenge for you today. I hope this is something you can enjoy. 


All of the instructions are in the document: Greek QR Code Trail Parent's notes. 


This activity will work better if it can be set up prior to the children completing it however if the children will be working independently it still can be done. It will be complete without the 'trail' element.  The question sheet document also has the answers within it so no cheating if you are doing this activity on your own. 



Mr Coop