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Tuesday, 14th July

Good morning Reception


As many of you will be in school today, I haven't planned as many activities for today. 




Please go through Tricky word Trucks on Phonics Play for Phases 2-4.


Phonic recap:  Phoneme flashcards.  

Then play ‘Sentence substitution’ game for Phase 3 on Phonics play.  


Blending to read:

Play Phonics Play Pirate game for all Phase 3 to practise blending to read with the phonemes.



Please work on correct letter formation for your first and last names



Please go through the following skills:


Counting to 50

Counting 20-0

Counting in 10s up to 100 and back


Mrs Brennan’s could also do counting in 2’s and 5’s as before.

1 less than a number within 20/ 1 more than a number within 20

You could do this by giving your child a number and they hold it up if it is 1 less than yours and then for 1 more than yours, or they could write down the number. 


Number formation to 20 

Are you doing a straight down 1?  

Please practise the numbers that you feel they need to do-it is often 5 and 8 :-) 


Have fun

Mrs Balmer