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Tuesday, 16th June

Good morning Y4,


I hope you started the week well yesterday. If not, today is a new day – let’s go!



Yesterday, you recapped multiplying 2 digits by 1 digit. Today, we will progress to 3 digits by 1 digit. Many of you will remember the ‘methods’ we use to complete a calculation but as I always say it’s also important to have the understanding behind this method too. The White Rose Videos talk you step by step through the process using pictorial approaches. This will support your overall understanding.
Here’s today’s video link:
Watch and listen carefully before completing the worksheets.



As I said yesterday, our English this week is going to follow a scheme from Talk for Writing. If you didn’t read the story yesterday, you’ll need to read it today as the English work is all based around it. I’ve attached the story as a PDF.
Today’s activity focuses on vocabulary. When reading, there will always be unfamiliar words (words we are not sure how to say or what they mean) and that’s fine – that’s how we learn new words and extend our vocabulary. It’s important to make sure you understand what the words mean and as you know you can do this by asking someone (parents, friends, Alexa or Siri!) or using a dictionary.


Writing this week

You know I love a real audience for your writing. Well this week, your writing challenge is to write a letter to send to people in our community that are isolated due to the virus (this is part of the ‘Posting Positivity project' that is being run across Bury). A document attached explains all of the guidance about what to do and where to send them. Before you send your letter off, share it on your portfolio as I would love to read it. No doubt by doing this task you’ll put a big smile on somebody’s face.


Speak to you tomorrow,


Miss K x