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Tuesday, 16th June

Good morning Reception,

This week I thought that you could make an aquarium-did you see the ones on class Dojo?  Hopefully by now you have a cardboard box. What shape is your box?  Is it a cube or a cuboid?  How will you find out? Can you cover the inside of your box in blue paper or paint?  If you are using paper, you will need to draw around each face (side) to get the right size of paper to cut out and stick in on the inside.  Think about what shape you have drawn around, is it a square or a rectangle?  How do you know?  How many sides does it have?  How many corners?  Think about this each time you do a face.  If you are painting then you can still talk through these facts as you paint.  You need to paint the inside blue for the sea but you can decorate the outside of the aquarium however you like.  We will leave this to dry for tomorrow.


Phonics:  Please go through your phoneme flashcards-Mrs Carr’s/Mrs Brennan’s-please could you add ay/ea/ie.


Then reading word recap-which set have you got onto now?  Have you checked back on any of your old sets to check that you have not forgotten them and added them to your word pack?

Spelling:  Using the 5 spellings that you chose last week.  Choose one of the activities that you enjoyed from the list I gave you last week or try a different one to revise your 5 spellings again today.


Mrs Balmer’s/Miss Hathaway’s:  Continuing with the initial adjacent consonants or ‘blends’.  Today’s are  ‘st’/sp.  These are important because ‘st’ sounds like ‘sd’ and ‘sp’ sounds like ‘sb’.  Go onto letter-join and practice the formation of ‘st’/’sp’ or practice using chalk on the ground or felt tips on a piece of paper-just don’t forget to try to join them with your lead in-I can’t do that on here.  After that have a go at drawing a stop sign, a stick, a spot, a spoon and then write what they are underneath.  Can you think of any more?


Alternative activities if you don’t feel ready to move onto Phase 4: Play ‘Make a Match’- choose from a range of Phase 3 to recap different phonemes.  Can you spend some time trying to learn the names of your letters?  See if you know b,c,d,e,g,p,t,v as these have names that sound very similar.  If you know these, move onto l,m,n,f, s.  Remember to say the sound (phoneme) first to help you to make the connection:  ‘It’s phoneme is… and it’s name is…’.


Mrs Carr’s/Mrs Brennan’sToday we will continue looking at ‘ie’.  Please continue to work through the booklet that I attached for you yesterday.  Don’t forget, you can add some sentences to go with the words in the booklet.





Mrs Balmer’s/Miss Hathaway’s:  I thought that we would recap some addition.  I have included four addition sheets within 20, these range in small numbers to larger numbers.  This is for today and tomorrow, it’s up to you how many you complete.  Remember to put the biggest number n your head, circle it if it helps and then put the smaller number on your fingers and then count on by saying the biggest number in your head and then putting one finger down at a time, counting on as you do so.


Mrs Carr’s/Mrs Brennan’s:  Today I thought that you can look at your number bonds to 7.  I have attached two rainbow 7 sheets-one has the answers on that you can stick up later and one has the sums on for you to write in the bonds to 7.  Start at one side of the rainbow and then follow the colour round to see which two numbers make 7.  I thought that you might enjoy this one.  You could use the idea to recap your other number bonds if you wish or spend some time working out the inverse operations-If 3+4=7 then 7-3=…?


I have put a lot on here today so do not feel that you have to do it all, pick and choose, save some for another day if you wish.  As always, take care, missing you lots, Mrs Balmer