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Tuesday, 19th May

Good morning Year 3,

I hope that you are all well.  We are now well into our final week before half-term.  As it will be half-term next week, I won't be setting you any work, as we wouldn't usually be in school.  Happy 8th birthday to Zachary.  I hope that you had a lovely day in these strange times!


  *   Today for SPaG, I would like you to do some work on prefixes.  A prefix is something which we put before a word (root word), to change its meaning. For example, the prefix un can go before the root word lucky, to make unlucky.  We have done some work on this in class, as part of our Vocabulary Ninja work.  The sheet should be fairly easy to work through and shouldn't take you long, but carefully read what you are being asked to do.


  *   For the remainder of this week, we are going to be looking at equivalent fractions.  Equivalent fractions are two or more fractions which look different, but are actually the same amount.  For example, 1/2 is equivalent to 2/4 and 3/6.  1/3 would be equivalent to 2/6 and 4/12.  You will remember us doing some work on this, creating our own equivalent fractions by multiplying the numeration and denominator by the same amount.  I have attached a PowerPoint to help you.  I would start with the first sheet today.

Don't forget to keep your 2,3,4,5,8 and 10 times tables ticking over and also make sure that you are able to show the inverse operation to each fact, for example 4 x 8=32, so 32 divided by 8 is 4.  Also, some of you are now very confident with all of the times tables we have looked at, so if you feel that you are, I would like you to begin to learn your 6, 7 and 9 times tables.

Keep safe!

Bye for now.

Mr G