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Tuesday, 19th May

Welcome back to another week! 


Are you ready* for another week of home learning? I know it’s not the same as being in school, seeing your friends, helping each other out and having teachers there to support you but you’re doing a great job and it’s really important that you keep yourself motivated and keep going! Only four more days until half term! 

I’m really pleased with the amount of hard work I am seeing from you, Y4, via Dojo - it makes me really proud. Your parents are doing fantastic at supporting you too, so be nice. Also remember, many of them are not teachers so they might need help too!




If you had a go yesterday, go again today and try to beat your score.

If you achieved full marks, have a go at the speed test – how fast can you answer. Try and get faster daily.

Continuing on shape…  There were lots of shapes to remember yesterday. Before you move on, can you remember the name of a 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 sided shape? No matter what the shape looks like, if it has a particular amount of sides that is its name! E.g. ANY shape with 6 sides is a hexagon. ANY shape with 8 sides is an octagon, etc. There are lots of shapes to remember, so we will keep recapping this!

Today let’s focus on triangles. I have attached a PPT that provides you with a video link and information about the different types of triangles there are. You should view it as a slide show and read it carefully as you'll need to know your stuff before completing the worksheet/s.

Worksheets go from easy to hard, you may need to start with the one star and as your confidence grows, complete the others. 



Yesterday I said to check out the BBC Daily Book Club lesson (link below): Using the book Charlie Changes Into a Chicken you will learn how to explain how the writer’s choice of words creates humour and to write in the style of an author (a Y4 reading objective). 

There were three activities to complete, however I didn’t expect them all done in one day so continue with these today. If you have completed them, use books at home to find other examples of when an author has created humour.

Spellings: you should have a Classroom Secret log in; play year 3/4 spelling game 2.



Enjoy your day!  


Miss K x