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Tuesday, 19th May

Good morning, 


I have attached the answer for the perimeter question set yesterday. 


I have also uploaded the work for the next numeracy concept: angles. 

The answers for the 1st sheet haven't been uploaded. They're at school! I will upload them on Thursday for you so that you can check if needed. 


The literacy work is also attached. I've tried to make the instructions a little more user friendly. 


Please don't worry too much if you can't quite remember how to do something or if you struggle with a task set. It's not the end of the world. 


It is hard and frustrating as a teacher not being able to teach the lessons. I have ideas in my head when I set the tasks but obviously the  tasks set, especially the literacy, are open to interpretation which can cause confusion. Again, don't worry, do what you can.  


If there is anything which you've particularly struggled with just make a note of it with your parents, let me know and we can go over it as a class when we are back at school. 


Kind regards,

Mr Coop