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Tuesday, 19th May

Good morning Reception.  Did you manage to make your reading word coins?


Firstly, please revise all of your phonemes-you could play phoneme bingo-make yourself a bingo card with 6 phonemes on, grown up too and then take turns to pick up a phoneme card and shout it out-if you have got it put it on your card-or if it is too big put a counter over the phoneme.


Reading treasure hunt time!!!

Grown-ups-could you make a list of the words on your child’s coins-or they can.  Next, I would like you to hide their coins around a room or in your garden-no sneaky peeking children!  Now, children you need to find the treasure word coins. Use the word list to tick the words off as you find them.  Grown-ups-You will need to read the words together as these are words that your child is stuck on.  You can repeat this game if you want to or let them hide the words for you to find, and then read together.  Have fun



Mrs Balmer/Miss Hathaway’s group: Please revise counting back from 20-0 and then from any number within 10 to 0, e.g. pick up a number 6 and say 6,5,4,3,2,1,0.

Then please watch the video (s3) on the school website for subtraction by counting back, click on Learning on the toolbar and then Maths and then choose subtraction.

You are going to make some take away calculations using a similar game to one you have played before.  You need your two sock or tubs with numbers within 5 in one box and numbers 6-10 in the other box  and  a hand-written take away sign and a handwritten = sign.  Pick out a big number from the big number box first and then pick out a number from your small number box.  Next place the numbers and signs down to make a subtraction calculation e.g. 10-5= and then use your counting back skills to try to work it out.  You will need to put the big number in your head and the small number on your fingers to do this as per the video.


Mrs Carr’s/MrBrennan’s group

I thought that we would re-visit estimating today.  For Reception we provide experiences for estimating quantities within 5, 10 and then up to 20.  Firstly, we estimate and then we count to check.  There is not a ‘correct’ answer as such but instead, ‘a good estimation’.  Some children find this quite tricky at first, this can be due to the size of the objects as well as the amount.  For example, estimating how many objects you can fit in your hand depends on the size of your objects and the size of your hand! 


I would like you to use a sock and firstly explore how many similar size objects will fit in it.  Then remove some objects so that the sock is now half full.  Ask your child to feel the sock-no counting!  How many objects do they think are in the sock now?- remind them that if we have removed some objects then there must be less in than when the sock was full.  Then count to check.  You can do this a few times, adding in more, taking more out.


Extension:  You could get a much bigger sock out or a much smaller sock-how many will fit in each of those?  Count to check.


I hope that you enjoy your day, Mrs Balmer😊