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Tuesday, 21st April

Good Morning Year 2!

We hope you got on well with your activities yesterday.

Here are your activities for today …


Complete ‘phonics flashcards speed trial’ and ‘tricky word trucks’ on the Phonics Play website.

Log on to Classroom Secrets for Kids. Click on Year 2 – Spelling – Common Exception Words Set 2 Year 2. Have a go at this game.

Please see the 5 common exception words below for you to practice reading, writing and putting into a sentence.

Your words for today are: last, should, everybody, most, past.  


Your English activity for the next couple of days will have a Geography focus. You have been learning all about the 7 continents in school and you were due to begin learning about the 5 oceans.

For your activity today we would like you to do some research about any 1 (or more) of the 5 oceans. This is in preparation for you making an information poster tomorrow. Please do not start making your information poster today as this will be the activity we set tomorrow.

Gathering information can be quite tricky and sometimes we find it difficult to record our information. As we have discussed in school, remember when you are gathering information you should just be recording key phrases/words. You do not need to copy full sentences from the internet! We find it useful to record our information on mind maps – You can either try this method or whichever method you would prefer.

Here are some ideas of things to research:

What are the 5 oceans called?

Which one is the biggest/smallest?

Which ocean are you going to focus on?

Where is that ocean? Can you link this to your continents knowledge?

How big / deep is the ocean?

What animals live in that ocean? Facts about some of those animals.

Interesting facts about a particular ocean.


Warm up – 

Play Daily 10 . Click on Level 2 – Mulitplication – Choose either 2, 3, 5 or 10 times tables.

Log in to Classroom Secrets for Kids – Click on Year 2 – Maths – Year 2 10 More and 10 Less Game.  

Main Activity –

I hope your subtracting on a number line activity went well yesterday! Don’t worry if you found it tricky – keep practicing and you will get there.

Today I have given you more subtraction questions that I would like you to solve using the number line method you were using yesterday. If you haven’t quite got to grips with it yet, work through these questions at your own pace and with an adult (if possible). If you are confident with the method, complete all of the questions independently and then ask an adult to mark your answers. If you have got any wrong can you spot your mistake?

Have a lovely day!

Miss C and Mrs P.