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Tuesday, 21st April

Hello Year 3,
I hope that everybody is well and that you have got back into the swing of things after the Easter break! I know it is often hard to get going again after a holiday.  Just remember, you have been working really hard and that I have every confidence in you.
Today's tasks are as follows-
  • Today for our SPaG work, we are looking at writing direct speech, something which we had covered just before school closed.  As this can be quite difficult, today and Friday we are going to have another go at it.  I have been kind today and we are starting off relatively easy.  I would like you to look at the sentences and then re-write these as direct speech.  For example, Sarah told Bob to sit still, would be written as "Bob would you sit still!".  Look closely at the positioning of the inverted commas and the other punctuation given, as this will help you get the correct type of speech.
  • Continuing with the work yesterday, I would like you to convert between cm and mm into just mm, for example 4cm and 3mm would be 43mm.  I would then like you to have a go at converting back again, for example 58mm would be 50cm and 8mm.  There is an error on the sheet for questions 11 and 12.  o these at the end and then add your own mm to the answer! 
Don't forget to keep your times tables ticking over and keep up the hard work on reading the time from both a digital and analogue clock.  However, most important, take plenty of breaks, get some exercise and if you are able to, some fresh air.
Good luck and see you soon!
Mr G