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Tuesday, 21st April

Good morning!

Great to see so many of you back on track and learning from home. Loving the seating plans so far… some interesting choices!!


Maths: Recalling time facts

Continuing with yesterday’s theme, time, today’s worksheet(s) encourage you to think some more about the hours, minutes and seconds.  At as many opportunities as you can, look at a clock, read the time and discuss how long it is until it’s the next hour. Keep it ticking over! 😒


English: Comprehension

Hopefully, the text was easy enough to get your head around. I thought it was a nice one as I know you will be all missing your friends and in times like this we should appreciate the good qualities our friends have. Continue with the comp questions if you didn’t finish them yesterday.

 If you would like to do some more learning, but not sure where to start visit KS2 - BBC Bitesize the bbc are putting on daily lessons and they look great. We are going to be using them over the next couple of weeks.