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Tuesday, 23rd June

Good morning Year 3,

I hope that everyone is well. Hopefully you are managing ok with our new maths topic.  This should be quite easy to pick up, particularly after the challenging work on fractions and angles!


  *   Today for our SPaG work we are moving on to looking at correctly sequencing sentences.  This is similar to our "purple" pen work which we do with our writing, when we check that all of our sentences make sense and "flow".  Read the sentences carefully, see which sound right and where the extra words and sentences can be added so that the writing makes sense.  The PowerPoint which I have given you may help.


  *   We are continuing to work on converting between pence and pounds and pence.  Remember that 100p is equal to £1.00, so £3 and 29p is the same as 329p or £3.29.  As this is reasoning work, you will need to read the questions and statements carefully and then explain your answers based on the work from yesterday.  Most of you should be confident enough to start with the second sheet. I have attached a PowerPoint again to help
  *   .Don't forget to keep your 2,3,4,5,8 and 10 times tables ticking over and also make sure that you are able to show the inverse operation to each fact, for example 4 x 8=32, so 32 divided by 8 is 4.  Also, some of you are now very confident with all of the times tables we have looked at, so if you feel that you are, I would like you to begin to learn your 6, 7 and 9 times tables.

You may also want to look at a BBC Bitesize maths game called, "Guardians:  Defenders of Mathematica".  This game is set in a make believe world which you navigate by using either mental or written maths in different topic areas.  Thank you to Jacob for trialing this game for us and introducing me to it.

See you all soon.

Take care!

Mr G