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Tuesday, 23rd June

Hi Year 6

I hope you had a good day yesterday.


It is Tuesday 23rd June and today we are going to have …

Our Writing Morning!


Over the past few months we have learnt about how awful WW1 (and WW2) was. I have mentioned before that some ‘boys’ joined up to fight because they thought it was going to be fun. Boys at the time would pretend to be soldiers when playing with their friends and would use a piece of wood as a pretend gun so when given the opportunity to use a real gun it became tempting for some boys. Posters were put up in villages and towns ‘persuading’ people to do their bit for the war.


Have a look at the clip from this link:


I now want you to have a very good read of the PowerPoint and complete the writing/art activity included.


As usual – EDIT YOUR WORK!



Take care

Mrs K x