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Tuesday, 23rd June

Good morning Reception, did you do some good sounds and number exploring yesterday ? 


When I have been making my phone calls I have heard that you are not really enjoying writing.  I think that if you can keep going over how to read and spell the different phonemes, when we all get back to school you will feel super confident to do your writing then.  I have heard that some of you have been writing letters to your loved ones and I think that this is a lovely idea.  You could have a go at writing to a friend or family and tell them all about what you have been doing and maybe add a little picture.


Phonic recap:  Why not play phoneme bingo again to check which phonemes you now know and to see if you have forgotten any. 


Reading: Have you played your pirate reading games again?  Maybe you could choose your favourite and have another play, learning your reading words as you go.

Spelling:  Using the 5 spellings that you chose last week.  Choose one of the activities that you enjoyed from the list I gave you in week 9 or try a different one to revise your 5 spellings.


  • Mrs Balmer’s/Miss Hathaway’s:  Today I would like you to read ‘Let’s go Fishing’ decodable comic from Phonics play to revise reading words that begin with different adjacent consonants ‘blends’:

You can then go into the DIY section of the website and print out a comic sheet to make your own comic or you could draw your own comic grid.  Can you make your own fish story?-can you some words in your comic that have adjacent consonants in them?  Here are some that you could use

Swish/ swim,




  • Alternative activities if you don’t feel ready to move onto Phase 4:

Please use your alphabet cards and two/three letter phoneme cards to make new words and revise how to sound them out-these can be nonsense words or real words.  You could have one pile of single sounds (phonemes) together with sh/ch/th and a pile of the two/three letter phonemes Choose a sound card from both piles-put them together, what do they say?  For example, you might get  ‘h’  ‘air’ which says hair ( a real word) or you might get  ‘z’ ‘ear’,  which says ‘zear’ which is a silly word but still great to practise sounding out.  If you are super at this try putting another single letter sound at the end to make your word longer e.g. you might choose

‘c’  ‘oa’  ‘t’  which says ‘coat’ or  you might get ‘f’ ‘oa’ ‘d’ which says ‘foad’ which is a silly word.


  • Mrs Carr’s/Mrs Brennan’s:  

Today or alternative phoneme revision I would like you to read ‘The holiday’ decodable comic from Phonics play:

Can you make your own ‘oa’ poster today? In school we have pictures up with the different phonemes to remind us how to spell them alongside a Jolly Phonics action picture.   You could have a try at drawing your own pictures to go with the different ‘oa’ spellings to help you to remember them e.g. a giant toe for ‘oe’, or a snowman for ‘ow’.  Have some fun and see what you come up with.   Extension: you could practise handwriting the different ways of writing ‘oa’-see if you can join the two letters together and don’t forget your lead ins. 



Mrs Balmer’s/Miss Hathaway’s:

Number bonds to 10-did you find all 11 ways to add up two numbers to equal 10 yesterday?

Today I would like you to make yourself a number bonds to 10 poster with all of the sums that equal 10.  First get ten objects and two tubs.  Put all 10 objects in 1 tub (10+0) and then move one object over 1 at a time to make a new sum-so your next one would be 9+1.  As you do this write out your sum.  If you do them in order you should notice a pattern with both sets of numbers.  Then decorate your number bond poster, you could decorate it with ladybirds on with the sums on their wings using spots, just like the sheet we did a few weeks ago, or butterflies.  You could stick it up so that you can keep learning them.


Alternative activities if you don’t feel ready to move onto number bonds:

Do you recognise all of your numbers to 10/20 now?  Can you put them in order?  Can you say 1 more and 1 less than any number within 10/20? Have a go at revising these skills.  Then spend a little time forming some of the numbers with 10 that you find a little tricky-you could paint then, use felt tips or pencil crayons.


Mrs Carr’s/Mrs Brennan’s:

I thought that we could start exploring some really big numbers again.  First let’s recap some skills, can you count to 100?  Can you count back from 100-0?  Can you count in 2’s/ 5’s and 10’s to 100 ?  Can you count back in 10’s from 100-0?  Can you count back in 5’s from 100-0? Pick one of these skills to practise daily.

Today I would like you to make some number cards to 30.  You may already have number cards to 20.  You could decorate the backs like playing cards.  Once you have made your cards to 20, I want you to see if you can order them 0-30.  They might go right across your floor.  Now see if you can order them 30-0, remember to mix them up first!  Have fun.  We will be using these cards again tomorrow so keep them safe.


Have fun, hope to see you all soon, Mrs Balmer