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Tuesday, 24th March

Good morning Year 3,

I have to say that I am really missing you already and it hopefully won’t be too long before I see you again! Remember,

I have been really pleased with how hard you have been working, so keep on showing the improved confidence that has impressed me.

I have set you some work to do at home for English and maths this week. This hasn’t been easy to do, as I am not there to teach you, so I have tried to give you things that you are beginning to be good at and some new things which you will pick up easier. The work I have set, should be quite self-explanatory and should take you around an hour to do each.

If some work doesn’t take as long, like SPaG and handwriting, you can be continuing to work on your times tables and converting the time between digital and analogue. With your writing task later in the week, you should “purple” pen this and try to improve it.

This week’s topics are


 Properties of 2D shape

 Horizontal/vertical/diagonal lines

 Understanding 3D shape



 Types of sentence (then have a go at writing your own)

 Handwriting (then try to find out what each of the words mean)

 Describing a setting Science

 Revision of the simple names of the bones in the human skeleton


Good luck. Remember to work hard and I am proud of each and every one of you!

I will see you all soon.

Mr Geeson