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Tuesday, 24th March

Good Morning Y4!  J

I hope you are ready for your first day of home learning. Each day, I will set a maths activity and an English activity for you to complete.

The maths activity will revise topics we have already covered together in class to give you some extra practise. The English activities will follow a similar structure to how we work when we are in school. Activities should take you around 45 minutes to 1 hour. 

I have also attached a ‘menu’ of tasks that link to science, history and geography topics we have already covered. These do not need to be all completed at once, but can be done when you have extra time or if your maths and English activities are completed quicker than expected. I wonder how many of the tasks will you complete before we return back to school. J

Let’s get started with today’s activities!

Maths: Adding two four digit numbers.

To warm up your brain up: Pencil and maths book at the ready! If you can, visit choose level 4, choose addition, and choose 4 digit numbers. It will then be up to you to set how many seconds you think it will take you to add two four digit numbers, (you can click manual if you prefer to not complete it in a given time). For some of the calculations you will need to use the written method (when exchanging), for others you may be able to work them out mentally! Have a go!

Now, I know how good you all are at using the written method to calculate two four digit numbers so today I would like you to use your problem solving (PS) and reasoning (R) skills to complete the questions (see the worksheet). Remember to check the star symbol in the left corner of the strip,
E = I’m feeling confident. GD = I’m feeling very confident.

(Answers are provided for adults checking your work, or you could mark your own work, in a different colour of course and if you’ve made any mistakes try to work out where you have gone wrong and learn from the mistakes.) 

English: Comprehension

This week, we are going to focus our English activities around an image. Take a look at it. What can you see? Discuss it with someone or write a bullet pointed list of all the things you can see – you are retrieving information.

Once you have looked closely at the picture, start to answer the questions. Good written responses, where you use clues, proof and evidence from the image will develop your deductive and inference skills.

Spelling time – pick 5 spellings from the y3/4 spelling list. Choose an activity to complete from the spelling menu at the front of your spelling book.

Hope all goes well! Speak to you again tomorrow!

Miss K J x