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Tuesday, 24th March

Good morning Reception children and parents, missing you all already.


We have compiled some activities for Literacy and Mathematics for today for you to explore.


As Reception activities are largely practical, I didn’t want to send you lots of paper-based activities but have chosen to signpost you to different interactive resources.


I will be sending you some paper-based activities on different days should you wish to use them.


Each day you will have a phonics activity which includes handwriting, reading and or spelling, a mathematics activity and an Understanding of the World activity for the week.


Today’s activities are:



This daily revision activity is for both Mrs Balmer’s/Miss Hathaway’s group and for Mrs Brennan’s/Mrs Carr’s group:

Please visit username:march20/password:home

Click on ‘resources and then access phonic phase 3 and select ‘Flashcards Speed Trial’.

Please sit with your child as they go through the different sounds/phonemes and click the screen if they say them correctly.

There will be some sounds that some children in reception have not covered yet don’t worry just click the cross.


Mrs Balmer’s/Miss Hathaway’s group: For application of sounds learnt so far access the website: and read the comic ‘I Can Spot’ Then see the attached activities for teaching this week’s new sound ‘er’ this make a long sound as in ‘her’ and a short sound as in ‘mother’-we use the Jolly Phonics action or rolling our hand over each other like a mixer. These are suggested activities. If your child is not ready to blend the sounds together to read the words by themselves, use your voice to support and see if they can then say the words. The suggested words are quite long, as an alternative you could use words with only 3 or 2 sounds: e.g her, gerl (girl), ster( stir), fer (fur), werl (whirl) You will note that I have purposely spelt these words with the ‘er’ spelling that we are learning and not the correct alternative.


Mrs Carr’s/Mrs Brennan’s group: For application of sounds learnt so far access the website: and read the comic ‘The Haircut’ Alongside recapping the phase 3 sounds the children will be learning phase 4 phonics which teaches them about adjacent consonants in words. Today’s suggested activity worksheet is on words beginning with ‘gl’. Your child needs to spell the word to match the pictures: these will be phonetically plausible spellings, e.g. it is okay for them to spell ‘glue’ and ‘gloo’. You can discuss the correct spelling if you wish to.



For both Mrs Carr’s/Mrs Brennan’s and Mrs Balmer’s/Miss Hathaway’s children today: Daily oral counting from 0 to 20 and 20-0, flashcards for 0-20 recognition.


Please watch Numberblocks ‘pattern palace’ series 3 available on Cbeebies website.


Can they make a pattern of their own, you could you colours to make a picture or use physical objects such as toys, socks, buttons etc.



This week’s Understanding of the world activity:

Garden Spring walk: what signs of Spring can you see? Draw a picture of the different signs of spring after talking about them or make a collage with things that you find, e.g a new leaf. How is Spring different to the other seasons? This is an ongoing activity as you see different plants bloom in your garden or out of your window. Which new creatures do you see visiting your garden?