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Tuesday, 28th April

Hello! 🤩

Thank you for your persistence with time. ⏰  You’re all doing great. I know that it hasn’t been the easiest maths topic for you all but you’ve done well to try your best with it. I am not going to continue to set time work – however you still can continue to work on it, using the resources I have already provided you with.  Time can also be regularly spoke about at different times of the day. Looking at clocks, up on the wall, on your computer screen, iPad or mobile - will encourage you to become more and more confident with telling the time and your understanding of time conversions. 


Maths: Quick Questions (Revision)

Five ‘quick’ questions that recap different topics we have already covered in class. You should be able to complete these independently and some may be completed using your mental strategies. I’ll upload the answers on ClassDojo at 12pm so you can check your work and mark them.

English: Topic Tuesday – retrieving information.

Ok, so today I am going to mix up English with our new topic. ☀️ ⛅️ ☔️ 🌈 ⛈ 

Can you guess what our summer topic is? Yep, it’s the ‘Wonderful Weather’. Your first task is to learn our topic song - you know how much I love a good song! It’s not only catchy, but it includes some really useful information about the weather.  When you have listened to it (maybe a few times), what have you found out about the weather?

Start to get your head around some of the terminology associated with the weather, I have started to draw out a mind map to help me understand four terms. Have a go at either making your own mind map (we’ve done tons of these in class) or you could continue working on mine. Remember, note take – do not copy out sentences from the internet, take important words/phrases and like I have use a selection of pictures to help you remember facts too. Here is a link to get you started:  Weather for kids  



Miss K x